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Price per sqare foot

Color wash
$3.75 (one or two colors + glaze)

Sponging on/off
$3.75 (one or two colors + glaze)

Ragging on/off
$3.75 (one or two colors + glaze)

$4.75 (one color + glaze)

2 X Frottage
$6.75 ( two colors + glaze)

Any additional color

Natural stone effect
$5.00 on flat/smooth surface

On concave/embossed surface (columns)
$7.00/linear foot on 8"-12" column

Allover damask patterns starting at $9.00 per square foot.

Hand painted border designs starting at $12.00 per linear foot.

Venetian Plasters - Pricing for  any type of plaster work including Venetian plasters, decorative plasters & textured stone start at $8.00 a sq. foot and go up depending on the type of plaster being applied as well as the number of layers being applied. 

Ceilings: Add 25-40% depending on height and accessibility.
For walls over 8 feet tall, add 15%.  

Notes regarding faux finishes
Prices don't include materials (paint, glaze, gesso).
Assumption is that surface is prepared (no holes, indents etc.), primer/sealer has already been applied. Minimum faux job: $250.
We require 50% of the estimated price at the time of commission, and 50% upon completion of the project. Please move/remove any furniture in the room that is closer than 5 feet to the wall(s) to be painted. It's assumed that the wall is in good condition.. For faux finishes and textures, we'll ask you to sign your approval for your choice of paint colors. Depending on the finish, you may need to have the wall preped/repaired and painted in a base coat first.
*All prices are subject to changes.
Additional charges that are not included in the square footage fee (only if applicable):
Urgency of execution (e.g. needs to be done in a tight time frame)
Significant traveling involved
Availability of space (e.g. only available at night, etc.)
Design revision (min. of $30/hour)
Special rental equipment (scaffold, etc.)
Wall surface preparation (if necessary)
Special materials or paints
Shipping or other unforeseen expenses

Upon request I will preapare "sample boards" for the faux project. If I already have samples that can be applicable for your project, I will present it with no additional cost. For new samples, however, there is a $20 fee per series upfront (a series includes from 1 up to 4 sample boards). If the paint for the samples is not provided by the client it will represent an additional charge upfront (




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